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New Look. New Name. Same Amazing Experience. has changed the name of the Online Merchandising Workshop to the Digital Experience Workshop. Why? Because this event is about more than just digital merchandising. Our programming has always taken a deep dive into every aspect of the online shopping experience. Topics include:

  • Digital Merchandising
  • Site Usability
  • User Experience
  • Mobile
  • Conversion
  • Web Design


The Digital Experience Workshop sets itself apart from other events by giving attendees:

An intimate setting.

We limit the Workshop to 400 attendees, which fosters a collegial and open environment where honest discussions can be jump started and real examples shared. It’s the ideal place to learn what works and what doesn't in e-commerce.

Hands-on and tactical experiences.

Our content is absolutely designed with a practical, "how-do-I-take-this-back-to-the-office" mind-set. Programs like the Doctor Is In: One-on-One Website Critiques and Roundtables will leave you armed with tools and tips ready for immediate deployment.

Intense networking opportunities.

Networking is a key component of our agenda and we've scheduled more than enough time to discuss what you've learned and share your experiences with fellow attendees.

A solution-focused EXPO.

Our content isn't the only thing focusing on producing results. Our exclusive EXPO is packed with proven solution providers showcasing products, technologies and services designed to improve the online retailing experience and your bottom line.

The perfect environment for team learning.

Bring your entire e-commerce team and review all the new tactics, best practices and innovative strategies right after you’ve heard them. It’s a great way to get immediate input from your team about what should be implemented back in the office.