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Advanced analytics for retail merchandising teams. 

Better Decisions. Faster Action. DynamicAction is the most advanced analytics solution specifically built for retail merchandising teams. 

Connecting and analyzing millions of data points from every part of a retail organization, DynamicAction uses more than 600 proprietary algorithms that encapsulate hundreds of collective years of retail knowledge to pinpoint margin-eating disconnects in the business, prescribe the precise actions to take and accurately rank those actions by financial impact. Merchandising and eCommerce teams run more efficient organizations, sell more at full price, mitigate markdowns, capitalize on demand and increase profit.

Retailers worldwide, including Brooks Brothers, Sur la Table, El Corte Ingles, Tesco, T.M. Lewin, Nine West and Cole Haan, rely on DynamicAction to make better and more profitable decisions in order to take intelligent action, faster.

Leading analyst firm Frost & Sullivan recently declared that by utilizing DynamicAction, “There’s a new way to run retail organizations—with a clear understanding of data and immediate actions to improve performance. DynamicAction has Moneyballed retail.”