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Wednesday 10:45
Palos Verdes 1-4
The Crystal Ball Challenge: Get Ready for Anticipatory Retail
Director of eMerchandising
West Marine
Group VP, User Experience

Predictive experiences aren’t new. We’ve all been exposed to brands that can predict the products you might want next with personalized recommendations. But we’re on the verge of an entirely new frontier. One that truly anticipates what people want. The fridge that reorders milk when you’re low. The sneakers that tweet you when their tread is worn. The retail store that fills a changing room with all the items you added to your cart on their site or app just as you step through the door. E-commerce and retail authority Emily Wengert will shine a light on emerging examples of anticipatory retail in action today and discuss how companies can prepare for a future of automated products and services.

Learn to:

  • Define anticipatory retail: what it is and why it matters.
  • Clarify how it will impact everything from loyalty programs to search results to in-store digital.
  • Think about the future and moving your brand toward smart products and services.