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Tuesday 2:00
Palos Verdes 1-4
The On-Demand Man: How Combatant Gentlemen Uses Data
CEO, Creative Director and Co-Founder
Combatant Gentlemen

The Warby Parker of menswear, Combatant Gentlemen bypasses the middlemen to curb the cost of fashion. And they use an in-house, e-commerce platform called “Tower” to do it. From Twitter chatter to website analytics to real-time sales activity, Combatant Gentlemen leverages data to inform its on-demand manufacturing, allowing the Irvine-based e-retailer to sell 100-percent Italian Wool suits for as little as $160. In this session, Combatant Gentlemen's Vishaal Melwani, a third-generation tailor, will trace the origins of the Tower platform, and how data informs everyday decision-making.  

Learn to:

  • Tap into consumer mindsets by using data, including social media analytics.
  • Take cues from customers.
  • Appease millennial males in today’s dynamic retail environment.