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Tuesday 12:15
Palos Verdes 5-8
Roundtable #01: Reducing the Clutter: How The Container Store Builds Loyal e-Commerce Customers
Here first-hand how The Container Store approaches digital quality. Join us to:
•  Understand the importance of how any digital quality testing process works in the wild (i.e., in the hands of actual customers under real world conditions).
•  Learn how understanding the point-of-view of your digital customers can help your brand rise above the increasing clutter of competition from both direct competitors and third-party portals such as Amazon.
•  Ensure that testing outside the lab must dovetail with a brand’s testing procedures to become an extension of what the internal team is doing as part of user-centric app development.
This roundtable takes place at Table #1.
Moderators: Ben Gray, Digital Experience Analyst, Applause and Brad Schneider, IS Applications Director, The Container Store