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Tuesday 12:15
Palos Verdes 5-8
Roundtable #05: How American Apparel Leveraged Dynamic Audience Retargeting to Drive a 12:1 ROI
Join American Apparel and Sprinklr to learn how:
•  To put customer data to work using a singular, unified technology platform to see website and ExactTarget data, purchasing behavior, and product catalog details to develop highly relevant and targeted audience segments
•  American Apparel reignited relationships with past customers using a centralized data source and dynamic audience segments
•  The brand used dynamic product retargeting to convert brick-and-mortar customers into online customers and drive a 12-to-1 return on investment
This roundtable takes place at Table #5
Moderators: Erik Ober, AVP Paid Media + Audience Management, Sprinklr and Thoryn Stephens, Chief Digital Officer, American Apparel