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Tuesday 5:05
Palos Verdes 5-8
Roundtable #15: Using Technology to Create a Personal Relationship Between Brand and Customer
The best marketing sells a lifestyle, not just a brand. Meaghan Rose relied heavily on her background in consumer behavior when she started Rocksbox to ensure the business was designed with the customer in mind. Let’s share ideas and answer the following questions:
•  How can we ask the right questions of our customers to engage with them in the most relevant way (e.g. proactively help them shop for their upcoming yoga retreat) and establish trust?
•  Are you integrating social and personalization? Let's share challenges and opportunities to deepen our customer relationships on social platforms.
•  On the "discovery" element of consumer products (this is where we become needed): Can we do it entirely with technology, or is the human touch needed somewhere?
This roundtable takes place at Table #15.
Moderator: Meaghan Rose, CEO & Co-Founder, Rocksbox